The 5 true reasons why brands want to sponsor events

What do your sponsors really want to achieve? Right, if you ask yourself this question, you are already on a good way to find out for yourself.

Many people assume that these are mostly pure image campaigns of a company or brand, but this has not been the case for a long time anymore.

In this short article we give you information about the true, important motivations for brands seeking sponsorship. Take these tips on heart in order to be able to put together optimal packages for sponsors.

1. Increase sales of a product or service

For some sponsors pure image gain or brand awareness is simply not enough. With the intention to sponsor one of your events, your sponsors will at best want to put their product or service directly into the hands of your event attendees – usually for example by offering a free product sample or lure offers for services.

But even here the danger is also high that the visitor’s pure consumption penetrates and the brand fades into the background and thus no long-term customer can be won – digital give-away and advertising possibilities, as for example with eventbaxx, increase the visibility of the sponsor’s offer before, during and after the event and help to convert event attendees into long-term, loyal customers for your sponsor.

2. Increase brand awareness

Brands often sponsor your event so that they reach your qualified target group directly at the event and the event attendees perceive the brand in a positive sense.

This is particularly exciting for smaller brands, especially when they are relatively new to the market. But also well-known and established brands are always on the lookout for new customer groups and hope to make a good first impression to increase brand awareness. So think carefully about the possibilities you have here and perhaps even let your event visitors interact with the brands to master this challegne.

3. Repositioning the brand

Unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, your event can help change the public perception of a brand in an incredibly effective way.

In your initial discussions with a potential sponsor, ask them about their goals and challenges. If you listen to their answers, you may discover a unique opportunity for them to present their brand with their target customer in a different light.

4. Block competition

Be aware that your event can not only help a brand reposition its product or service, it is also an opportunity to stay ahead of the competition.

Let’s assume, for example, that your sponsor’s competitor advertises on national television and has posters in every major city. Your event is a unique opportunity to get your product into the hands of the target customer and can help them gain market share.

Look at the list of your potential sponsors, look at their competition and see if they sponsor a similar event to yours – it may help you win a new sponsor with exactly these arguments.

5. Social responsibility

It may not be the absolute number 1 anymore, as already described at the beginning, but still: The last, but not least motivating factor for brands looking for event sponsoring is more than just earning money. Instead, they’ll want to sponsor your event simply because it will align their brand to a cause or mission their customers are passionate about.

Many brands will still tell you that this is one of the main reasons they sponsor events – they simple want the world to know that they care about their fans and their community.

Conclusion: Craft the perfect proposal

Sponsorship is a partnership between your event and your sponsors. It’s a two-way street that requires sincere interest in the sponsor’s objectives and how you can help them achieve goals. With a solid understanding of a potential sponsor’s needs and objectives, you’ll be better equipped to win valuable sponsorship deals.



Marc Grewenig

CEO & Co-Founder
Fanomena GmbH


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