Best Case: Rhein-Ruhr-Marathon Part 1

Every year the Stadtsportbund organizes the Rhein-Ruhr-Marathon. Over 6.000 runners will start this year on June 11th. They will finish their race at the Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena.

Since this year there is a little change in the event: It becomes greener. The organizer passes on the traditional playbill and puts a sustainable sign. So he totally acts in the sense of the environment. Therefore he saves a lot of paper. With the creation of a digital starter kit -all information that were widespread by the traditional playbill- are now available digitally.

How does the sustainable implementation looks like?

The participants get all relevant information bundled at one place- namely the digital starter kit. Therefore they don’t need to download an app because it’s a web-based solution. That implies they have access to the bag with every electronic device. Important informations like the course of the road, the event schedule and civic information are provided to the participants with the eventbaxx via PDF.

Additionaly, the city of Duisburg contributes to the digital starter kit to make aware of other events.

Right now, more than 2000 participants have already reveived their digital runningbag. A lot of paper already has been saved and that‘s not just a benefit for the Rhein-Ruhr-marathon’s image but also for the city of Duisburg.

Your advantages as an organizer

Like the Stadtsportbund, you also can spread your event information for your participants in the digital starter kit or your running bag.

You have a lot of options to create your bag. Choose your type of content, add PDFs, embed videos or pictures or create questionnaires or a quiz.

Crucial for you as an organizer and also for your partners and sponsors is the measurability and evaluation oft the digital starter kit: you can see to anytime how often the information are called and analyze which specific content your participants are interested in the most.

It’s so easy to act in the sign of the environment.

Céline Mallon

Online Marketing

Fanomena GmbH


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