How to convince your potential sponsors with digital tools

Nowadays it becomes more and more difficult to find sponsors for your events – no matter if it is a sports event, a trade fair or something else. As a trade fair organizer, you are simply dependent on sponsors and… Continue Reading

Why digital giveaways are the medium of the future

Giveaways as advertising media will continue to be one of the most important instruments. Not always necessary for direct sales or registrations to your event, but to increase awareness and interest of potential customers and to foster relationships with your… Continue Reading

*Update* – Sponsor Accounts V1 – now available

Due to high demand and the desire of you, you can now invite your sponsors to create their own sponsor accounts with a variety of new functionalities with today’s release. The creation of sponsor accounts is now mandatory for every… Continue Reading

4 Basics to Maximize Your Digital Sponsorship Inventory at Events

From the naming of event locations and merchandise to in-venue apps, brands put their names on everything. Sponsorship is already outperforming marketing and advertising in growth, reaching over $20 billion in North America alone. Sports and entertainment companies are securing… Continue Reading

The 5 true reasons why brands want to sponsor events

What do your sponsors really want to achieve? Right, if you ask yourself this question, you are already on a good way to find out for yourself. Many people assume that these are mostly pure image campaigns of a company… Continue Reading

7 cool digital sponsorship opportunities with eventbaxx

Digital sponsorship is the perfect new revenue generator Your existing event app already makes life easier for you and your participants – but there are many more valuable things that you can unlock with digital sponsoring functions such as with… Continue Reading

A wake-up call: Event Technology and Green Event Planning Go Hand-in-Hand

Quick question: Are you already considering the environmental impact of your event? We strongly believe that the support and planning of Green Events begins with the use of event technologies. It’s not for nothing that the event industry has been… Continue Reading

5 short tips to retain and win sponsors

You certainly don’t want to get stuck in the one-and-done cycle of event sponsoring. If the sponsor has the feeling that he has got no value, if the participants even feel “sold” and if you have the feeling that the… Continue Reading

eventbaxx opens its digital event technology to all event organizers

San Francisco, CA, and Saarbrücken, Germany – eventbaxx, world’s leading digital event platform to enhance digital sponsorship experience, adapts its business model to make its innovative event technology available to every event organizer in the world. From today on, eventbaxx… Continue Reading

Why event organizers should no longer renounce on event technologies

The use of event technologies at events shouldn’t be an option anymore. It should be seen as an integral part of your planning alongside elements as location and catering. Nevertheless, many organizers are not aware of the real added value… Continue Reading


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