Why event organizers should no longer renounce on event technologies

The use of event technologies at events shouldn’t be an option anymore. It should be seen as an integral part of your planning alongside elements as location and catering. Nevertheless, many organizers are not aware of the real added value… Continue Reading

How to use giveaways at events

Promotional gifts have become common practice when it comes to customer communication and good marketing and it is even hard to imagine events without them. Using giveaways at events is always a good idea, unless they end up unseen in… Continue Reading

Use digital event bags at events

Perfect planning and execution of an event from start to finish – that is the task of an event manager or organizer. From the location to the program, everything has to be planned in detail in order to satisfy the visitors. In this article you can find out how you can increase the commitment of your visitors at events.

Trends to enhance the visitor experience at conferences

In times of increasing digitization, it is more difficult to acquire new participants for a specific conference every year. Interested parties are now looking for the solution to their problem online in order to obtain the greatest possible transparency and… Continue Reading

6 tips to convince sponsors to invest in your trade fair or conference

Sponsoring is gaining more and more importance in the trade fair industry and one can hardly imagine a trade fair without sponsors these days. While the sponsors’ investment represents an important source of income for the organizers, sponsors hope that… Continue Reading

Find the right sponsors for your event

Hardly any event today can get along without one or even several sponsors. They are often necessary for the event to take place at all. Unlike donations, a sponsoring relationship is a legal transaction that should be treated as such…. Continue Reading

5 tips for the right approach to sponsor acquisition

Participation in a trade fair can be a real challenge for companies. In order to create a perfect trade fair appearance, many different aspects have to be considered. Although sponsoring is only a small part that has to be included… Continue Reading

The challenges of today as an exhibitor and organizer of trade fairs

Exhibitors repeatedly report that the number of trade fair visitors is declining. For a long time now, it is no longer a self-runner, as the digital world with its numerous possibilities steals the show from the trade fair. No matter… Continue Reading

How to effectively search and contact sponsors

Let’s all be honest: In our heads, we like to distort reality. This also applies to the planning of events: the decoration, the guests, the ambiance. We have an idea in mind. A quick reality check usually brings us back… Continue Reading

How to plan your next event more sustainable

Events of all types can have a massive impact on the environment. Because of this, it is really important that the organizers become familiar with the idea of sustainability and plan their event from this perspective. But don’t make the… Continue Reading


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