7 brainwashing ideas for your next race event

It’s winter and cold, but hopefully we’ve got some hot brainwashing ideas that will get the brains of every race organizer going: a total of seven in number. Maybe you’re planning your first race of the year, or you’re looking for ways to make your next events better than last year. Whether you’re a new race director or an experienced professional, these tips can help you take the racing experience you create to the next level of professionalism and fun and make them unforgettable.

1. Have something extraordinary

There are countless endurance sports events taking place throughout the country and around the world every weekend or even during the week of the year. This is a great thing for everyone; the increasing popularity of running, cycling, triathlon, obstacle racing, and other events benefits everyone involved. But doesn’t this also make it more difficult than a single race to stand out from the crowd? Of course, it does!

Offering something out of the ordinary is a way to highlight your race. What is the special sauce that promises participants and athletes a different experience at your run than others in your area? Maybe it’s a spectacular course with extraordinary obstacles, an epic destination, an unusual race format, an unusual distance or a clever motto. Find something that makes your race one to a million and make it unique in your overall concept and communication.

2. Nurture the “love of neighborhood”

Of course, you have to emphasize your race, but it is also a great idea to work in partnership with your competitors in the area. So, build profitable relationships with your colleagues in your region. Sure, you’ll all be fighting for the same runners, but you’ll all benefit if you continue to develop running in your region.

Vote to ensure that your events take place on complementary and not contradictory dates. Why not work with another race director to create a series that includes both events, for example. Or works with discounts that athletes receive when registering for both events. A healthy and reciprocal relationship will be good for both of you. Especially the next time you need an additional fence at the last minute or if your race announcer is out of action at short notice.

3. Not oriented to standards

Try something else at your event. Ever thought of a start time in the afternoon or evening? Finish at perfect sunset? Or try to have women and men compete against each other at different times or on different days. Thus, women and men get the same time in the spotlight. Then, for example, men and women can work alternately at the food service stations and cheer each other on when they are not on course.

Nothing is carved in stone about an event, so don’t be afraid to ignore the standards and try a new tactic to differentiate yourself. There are enough examples and you have certainly experienced them for yourself.


4. Think Big – Yes, you can!

The support of partners and sponsors is critical for any event, and you need to be creative to find the right partners for your event. Please do not make the mistake of thinking that local companies will support you safely, or that they are the only option for getting partners and sponsors. As you can imagine, companies are often bombarded with sponsoring requests. With local partners you should focus on those who can really benefit from a partnership with your event. But also, be aware that you can keep to all parts of the agreement.

But think beyond the borders of your city and state. Larger national companies may well have an interest in getting involved. Especially if your participants demographically reflect their target market. You should also search online for potential decision-makers who participate in the type of event you are producing. Expand an invitation to the race, along with an offer to explore a partnership.

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5. Try an e-Meet and Greet

Let’s be honest – how many athletes actually come to your meeting before the race? And how many questions do you have about the event weeks or months instead of days in advance? Instead of planning the same old, on-the-spot race rules, why don’t you have a series of virtual race meetings (it’s so easy and effective – You can just use Facebook Live for that). This is a simple way for athletes to take part, answer their questions and become acquainted with you as the personality behind their race.

6. Offer exceptional swag

Your participants love free stuff, but quality is also important when it comes to swag. Your athlete awards and prizes should be cool, convincing and trendy. Think about things that your participants will really want, appreciate and use. If you’re producing a series of events, just create different items for each race to encourage athletes to sign up for the entire series and get a full collection of swag.

In addition to finishing medals and t-shirts, you should consider branded items such as compression stockings, hats, pouches, beach towels, wine bottles and much more. Have you ever thought about surprising your participants with digital swag bags? Just dare.

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7. Have endless fun

It may sound a bit banal and like a crazy concept, but you should enjoy your own race. You probably got into this business because you love sports. And we all know that it is easy to be stressed when you are responsible for all the details of the production of a race.

But it’s also important that you relax, have fun and share the passion that led you to the race control. If you can’t enjoy the experience, your participants will notice it. But when you present yourself full of energy and fun, your energy and enthusiasm will be infectious. So, let’s go, make yourself a little crazy in the name of running and fun.

Marc Grewenig

CEO & Co-Founder
Fanomena GmbH


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