6 Podcasts you have to subscribe to as Race director

More than 40 million Americans listen to podcasts every week – five times more than they go to the cinemas. Whether you’re already a subscriber or are considering joining, podcasts are an important source of news and insights. They also make it easy to listen during your own training. The following list will examine the 6 most important podcasts in the endurance sports sector we recommend to subscribe to.

Faces behind the Races

The first 10-part mini-series of the Endurance Town USA podcast, presented by the leading endurance sports registration platform Race Roster, is titled “Faces Behind the Races” and is aimed at professional race directors from all over the USA. Every single episode is based on an interview with a well-known professional of this industry. It’s all about how endurance sports and the community behind them have changed their lives.

The Marathon Show

This podcast contains exciting episodes with well-known and new race directors, who explain the entries and exits of the race planning and announce their victories and defeats. You will learn valuable tips and tricks that you can use on your own racing days. For example, Steve Mayer, executive producer of IMG Productions, which produces the New York City and Boston Marathons, has reported on the production of a marathon show in a recent episode.

Race Recap shows the experiences of the participants at competitions and gives valuable insights. There are also tips from doctors and suppliers on equipping marathons. Simply great to learn everything about marathons and races.

Endurance Junkie Podcast

In this interview-style podcast, moderator Peter Brees will chat with professional athletes, race directors and industry experts. However, the sports are very different and range from triathlon to running and parkour.

Earlier episodes included talks with Rowyn James, the race director of the legendary endurance event Comrades Marathon, and Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer of Runner’s World and Ironman champion Lionel Sanders (to name only a few). Movers and creators from all corners of the field land on this informative podcast.

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The 1609 Podcast

This podcast may be brand new – it just started in August 2017 – but it starts fast. Hosts Alexandra Sizemore and Evan Schwartz talk about running news and elite results and interview race directors like the director of the Columbus marathon. With already 40 episodes in not even one year the show has a great level of output with high quality content such as interesting recaps on renowned races like the Boston Marathon or the Houston Half.

Marathon Talk

For news from all over the world of running, this show, held by the experienced multisport athletes Martin Yelling and Tom Williams is an absolute must. Earlier shows dealt with Galen Rupp’s victory at the Chicago Marathon, talks about when race doctors should step in and new records at the marathon and at shorter distances. With more than 442 shows Marathon Talk is certainly one of the most relevant podcasts in the industry at the moment.

Trail Runner Nation

An absolute must-have for all trail runners and trail event organizers. This show keeps all listeners up to date on the latest major goals and record races as well as interviews with top athletes about their experiences at certain races, such as the Bigfoot 200.

Episodes occasionally touch on training and racing tips, but since many race directors have come into business because of their love of sport, these episodes could quickly become your favorites.

IM Talk

This show of an Ironman champion is all about Ironman racing. Episodes summarize the race results – including interviews with top finishers – and inform the audience about the top professionals of the year. They also deal with questions about racing from the participants’ point of view, such as group wave starts, suitable wetsuits and much more.

We wish all Race Directors a lot of fun with these podcasts and hope that you enjoy the exciting new insights around the world of endurance sports.

Marc Grewenig

CEO & Co-Founder
Fanomena GmbH


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