4 Tips for a bigger social reach for your event

There are two types of event organizers: On one hand, organizers who are well represented in the social networks but simply do not reach the right people.

On the other hand, those who assume that they are digitally adequately equipped with their website and their newsletter.

Do you feel related to one of these groups? Very good, because this article concerns both cases. But even if you have not yet been able to assign yourself to one of these groups, it is worth it to continue reading, the relevance of the digital range is always underestimated.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram also offer considerable opportunities to reach the right audience and spread content and information in the right places.

How do I reach the people I want to reach?

Building up social reach without help is not easy. You write meaningful Facebookposts, embellish them with pictures and nevertheless the success to reach the right target group remains

Facebook has come up with a solution to this problem: A paid advertising ad, which is displayed only to the people who belong to the corresponding target group.

It is customizable to every budget and addressee. This group can be adjusted to age, gender, place of residence, interests or similar.

You determine what is posted. Your content will only be displayed to those who are also in your selected target group, so potential participants for your event.

Another possibility is found in Instagram. Instagram has long since ceased to be “senseless posting of images,” as is often condemned. Through the targeted use of so-called hashtags it is possible to generate traffic on your own side.

These hashtags are used as such options. If you are looking for #sportingevents, you will see all posts related to sporting events. You should also provide your posts with sufficiently accurate hashtags to be found by the right target group.

You can find more information about advertising on Facebook here.

Is one social network sufficient? With which do I start?

One network is certainly a good start but to reach as many people as possible, it is more useful to run and maintain multiple networks.

The reason for this is quite simple: not everyone uses every network. Internet users have one or two networks that they prefer to visit. For example, younger people feel more attracted to Instagram, while in the business sector, people are more likely to rely on LinkedIn.

The biggest platform, however, is Facebook. With over 1.8 billion accounts worldwide, it is the strongest visited media. By the way, we are not talking about accounts, which were once created and now idle in the database slumber. We talk about 1.8 billion people who use Facebook every month. This is why it is the most efficient way to start with Facebook because almost every target group is at least partially found here.

To avoid your own target group, it is more appropriate to maintain different networks.

But beware! It has no advantage to create five networks from which only two are operated actively and three are run casually. You should only create as many networks as you can accomodate.

Be a pioneer!

To stand up against the competition, you have to stand out from it. The optimal starting point for this is the digitization. Everything that can be digitized is going to be digitized over time. Keep distance from obsolete procedures and try to give a competitive edge towards your competitors. In a digital way, for example, it is easier to communicate with subscribers.

Connect with people which might like your event.

The easiest way to connect is through social networks. You can, for example create a Facebook group for your attendees to accede. This is ideal for exchanging information and asking questions. Here you can also emerge to answer questions, or receive criticism which you can use as an opportunity for improvement.

On Instagram, which is also strongly used by 700 million users per month, you have the possibility to use hashtags.

Under each post you put some hashtags that match your post or event. An example would be #marathon. Anyone interested in a Marathon and looking for it on Instagram will find your post and therefore your page / event. The more matching hashtags you use, the more traffic is generated. The best thing of it is, you directly approach your target group, because no one is looking for terms that really do not interest him.


Social reach is hugely important. Social media offers unique opportunities to spread your event in a digital way. In my opinion, Facebook advertising is most suitable as you can adapt it to every target group and budget.

This article about „event organization“ could also be of your interest because there you can learn the steps how to organize an event.

This article about event organization could also be of your interest because there you can learn the steps how to organize an event.

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