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How to finally balance your work life balance!

Everyone knows the struggle: it’s the beginning of a new week and everyone plans to do so many things, be it in private or in work life.

After a...

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Why on earth should we care about sustainable events?!

Generally speaking, sustainability means something will sustain in the future.

Especially in the event sector, these days sustainability regularly...

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5 important tips from start-ups every event agency should know

Start-ups come and go.

Everybody can call himself a founder if he had a business idea, gave it a couple of thoughts, built a prototype and drew a...

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4 viral best practices to inspire your Christmas marketing

It's the end of September and Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner.

But today it's about one of the most commercial holidays of...

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How being lazy will boost your productivity

I just sat here trying to write a new article about productivity.

But I couldn’t.

Although I had a great idea (you might be able to read about it...

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How to actually get highly motivated and happy employees

"Stay motivated. Keep up your progress."

That's what you probably have said a dozen times to different employees. 

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1 magic trick to easily save your events agency

Imaginary friends are a sign of mental health.

Children use them to deal with their daily impressions, experiences and to have an ally when it...

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How these 3 tools improve event organizer's time management

When it comes to time, there is an infinite number of smart sayings.

The most prominent is probably Benjamin Franklin’s:

„Remember that time is...

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